Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Federal Lawsuit, Organized Stalking, Electromagnetic Weapons

Your name:     Christine Lynn Harris                                                

Address:          1095 Natoma Street #8                                               

                        San Francisco, CA 94103                                          

Phone number: 415-235-6466            cell      415-861-1041             home                 
E-mail address:                               

Plaintiff Pro Se


Plaintiff Pro Se



The City and County of San Francisco,
Bryant Square Lofts Homeowner Association,
Sergeant Raymond Beazley of San Francisco Police Department #2073 and Michelle Beazley, Deborah Davids and Peter Davids,
and John Does whose True Identity is unknown, other parties.                                  



 CV11  00803 RS



Yes  X¨     No  ¨

1.              Parties in this Complaint
a.     Plaintiff(s).

Name: Christine Lynn Harris
Address: 1095 Natoma Street #8, San Francisco, CA 94103,,                                                                           
Phone number: 415-235-6466 cell    415-861-1041 home                          
b.    Defendant(s). 

      Defendant 1:
Name: The City and County of San Francisco                                            
Address: Office of the City Attorney, Dennis Herrera                                
City Hall, Room 234, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, San Francisco, CA  94102-4682                                           
415-554-4700 phone     415-554-4745 fax                                                 
      Defendant 2:
Name: Bryant Square Lofts  Homeowner Association                                
Address: 720 York Street, San Francisco, CA 94110                                
Ann Rankin, Attorney (Represents Bryant Square Lofts)                                
3911 Harrison Street, Oakland, CA 94611                                                                                                                                          
510-653-8886 phone       510-653-8889 fax                                               
      Defendant 3:
Name: Sergeant Raymond Beazley Star #2073                                                    
San Francisco Police Department                                                                                                                                
Address: 1675 Garnet Lane, Concord, CA  94519                                           925-691-3840        415-722-5880                                                                  
      Defendant 4:
Name: Michelle Beazley                                                                                                                                                                       
Address: 1695 Garnet Lane, Concord, CA  94519                                     
925-691-3840          415-722-5880                                                                        
      Defendant 5:
Name: Deborah Davids                                                                               
Address: 720 York Street #226, San Francisco, CA 94110                                                                                                       
      Defendant 6:
Name: Peter Davids                                                                                                                               
Address: 720 York Street #226, San Francisco, CA 94110                          ,  213-243-2368, 213-243-2539, 415-875-5813   

2.              Jurisdiction

X          My case belongs in federal court under federal question jurisdiction because it is about federal law(s) or right(s).
Which law(s) or right(s) are involved?                                          Constitutional, Civil, and Human Rights                                                             
This court has jurisdiction over this complaint because it arises under the laws of the United States of America.                                                                             
Damages are more than $75,000                                                                          

My case belongs in federal court under diversity jurisdiction because none of the plaintiffs live in the same state as any of the defendants AND the amount of damages is more than $75,000.
3.              Statement of Facts and Claims
Plaintiff, in pro se, Christine Lynn Harris is the moving party to this civil action against above said parties, the City and County of San Francisco, Bryant Square Lofts Homeowner Association (HOA), Sergeant Raymond Beazley of the San Francisco Police Department #2073, Michelle Beazley, Deborah Davids, and Peter Davids.  Plaintiff, in pro se, Christine Lynn Harris accuses the above said defendants of engaging in the following criminal activities, which have resulted in serious physical irreparable damage to her vital body organs, her emotional wellbeing, and her safety.  Christine Harris requests to file this lawsuit as a means of ceasing all crimes against her and to seek all payment of damages incurred due to both physical assault and emotional distress.  Christine Harris has sought legal counsel but has been denied at all times.  Christine Harris has sought help from multiple city, state, federal, and world authorities but to no avail.  Christine Harris’ life has been destroyed and ruined.  Before these crimes started, and her body destroyed, Christine Harris used to run, bike, swim, hike, and lift weights.  Christine Harris was planning on having children, but her body and her organs have been destroyed.  Breathing is painful and very difficult.  Christine Harris has been in constant pain and suffering for over two and a half years, and it still persists today.  Christine Harris has chosen to try to heal her body from the damage instead of waiting to decay and die.  These crimes are inhumane and torturous.
Plaintiff, in pro se, Christine Lynn Harris was a condominium property owner at Bryant Square Lofts, located at 720 York Street #111, San Francisco, CA 94110.  Christine Harris resided at this location with her husband, James Jacobs, from September 2003 to May 2009.  The first time Christine Harris met Michelle Beazley, the property manager for Bryant Square Lofts, Michelle Beazley was very abrasive towards her.  Christine Harris presented Michelle Beazley a small gift to build rapport with the relationship.  This appeared to sooth tensions that were exhibited by Michelle Beazley upon their first meeting.  This first meeting occurred shortly after Michelle Beazley had been hired by the Board of Directors at Bryant Square Lofts.  Soon after Christine Harris’s husband, James Jacobs, became a board member of Bryant Square Lofts.  It seemed as though Michelle Beazley was providing satisfactory services at the time to the Bryant Square Lofts Homeowner Association.
At some point in 2006, Christine Harris noticed, as well as other property owners in the building, that Michelle Beazley was becoming aggressively authoritative to many of the property owners.  Michelle Beazley was having issues with a property owner at Base Studios, unit #102 (BJ Heinley, property owner,  This became very apparent when the president of the HOA, Patrick Everett, had to rewrite and proof read Michelle Beazley’s correspondence so that her message did not appear abusive.
Christine Harris discovered a statement within the Covenants, Codes & Restriction’s (CC & R’s) regarding the responsibility of a property manager.  The statement referenced that it is not the property manager’s duty to be an authoritative figure in the building but a person of service to all owners.  In the CC & R’s for Bryant Square Lofts, page 23, Section 5.2 Powers, Section C, Manager, states "Notwithstanding, the above, no manager or officer may be delegated the power or authority to levy fines, hold hearings or impose discipline, make capital expenditures, file suit, record a claim of lien, or foreclose for failure to pay assessments."   Christine Harris emailed a copy of this CC &R’s section to Michelle Beazley to remind her of her responsibilities.
On Monday, February 26, 2007 at 10:18 AM, Michelle Beazley responded to the email asking why this was sent to her.  Christine Harris responded back by explaining that it was not within the responsibilities of Michelle Beazley to be an aggressive authoritative figure on the property, but only to provide services and support to property owners. 
On Tuesday, February 27, 2007 at 11:18 AM, Christine Harris states that this is when the good rapport between them ended.  When Christine Harris’ husband, James Jacobs, was a board member Christine Harris felt there was a reasonable relationship with Michelle Beazley.
One evening in March 2007, Christine Harris noticed a pipe was leaking inside their unit.  Christine Harris’ husband was not home at the time so she notified Michelle Beazley by phone.  Michelle Beazley was very rude and brief on the phone, providing no assistance of the matter.  It was not in the interest of Christine Harris to engage in a heated argument or take it personal, so she proceeded with the problem at hand.  Christine Harris contacted a plumbing company, O’Grady Plumbing, to repair the leaking pipe.  Two plumbers arrived at her residence and proceeded to repair the pipe.  While observing their work, Christine Harris noticed that the  contractors burned the white insulation pipe that covers the adjacent pipe.  Since these pipes are exposed utilities hanging from the ceiling of their loft unit, Christine Harris requested in writing that O’ Grady Plumbing replace the burned white insulation pipe.  She made numerous requests via phone, and two requests in writing to the plumbing company for the pipe to be replaced exactly the way it was before the plumbers worked in the area.  Michelle Beazley immediately sided with the vendor instead of the property owner.  Christine Harris faxed several letters to O’Grady Plumbing company to replace the insulation sleeve entirely, and properly.  Christine Harris felt that, once again, there was a lack of a cooperative working relationship between her and Michelle Beazley.  She expressed her frustration in an email dated March 6, 2007, 10:00 AM, with a copy sent to Christine Harris’ husband, James Jacobs.  It took O’Grady Plumbing three times to try and fix the pipe insulation properly.  Christine Harris felt strongly that she had to fight to get it done correctly. 
On Saturday, November 17, 2007 at 7:55 AM, Christine Harris emailed Michelle Beazley to request that the person living above her refrain from repeatedly dragging a personal piece of property across the floor, as this sounded like nails on a chalkboard.
On Saturday, November 17, 2007 at 2:51 PM, Christine Harris emailed Michelle Beazley again, requesting that the property manager handle the complaint lodged to the property owner who was responsible for the noise.  Christine Harris did not give the reason at the time, however the reason Christine Harris requested Michelle Beazley handle the complaint was due to the fact that Christine Harris has been subjected to retaliation from other property owners on various occasions and retaliated against for lodging complaints.  Christine Harris felt that if the property manager handled this complaint, there would be less resentment from property owners. Christine Harris had not received any emails from Michelle Beazley at this point and felt as though she could not handle the job at hand.
On Monday, November 19, 2007 at 10:22 AM, Christine Harris sent an email to Michelle Beazley stating “I prefer to have a positive, and cooperative relationship with you as our property manager.  As I have mentioned in the past, we are all your clients.  We all pay for your salary.  It is the responsibility of the property manager to see that our needs our met.  I am not sure why you resist your duties, at least with me, but I do not like requesting things from you several times.  James is no longer a board member, but this does not allow excuses to not perform the job. With Kindness, Christine.”
On Tuesday, November 20, 2007 at 4:58 PM, Christine Harris requested to speak to the attorney for the Homeowner Association, as she did not feel she was taken seriously, nor her needs met.
On Saturday, November 24, 2007 at 11:35 AM, Christine Harris requested from David Spitzer, the HOA’s Vice President, to have the contact information for the Homeowner Association’s attorney.
On Sunday, November 25, 2007 at 2:57 PM, Christine Harris emailed Michelle Beazley, copied to her husband James Jacobs.  “The reason why it is so important for the property manager to be the mediator of the building is so that people do not retaliate, as I have personally experienced in this building.  I believe that the scope of the property manager’s duties need to be detailed so there is an understanding of what a property manager needs to do to fulfill the needs of the clients at Bryant Square Lofts.  Thank you. Christine  #111.”
On Monday, November 26, 2007 at 9:28 AM, Christine Harris emailed David Spitzer, again, and copied her husband James Jacobs, stating “This has been an on going issue with her.  For some reason, she thinks she does not have to do her work for me.  When James was on the board she responded, with many emails, now she does not respond at all.  She is less than professional. We all have a right to have our voice heard.”  Christine Harris emailed David Spitzer on the same day at 9:40 AM stating, “I believe that we should, as a community, interview other property managers at this time.  Thank you.  Christine Harris #111”.   Christine Harris does not know whether or not this email was viewed by Michelle Beazley.
On Monday, November 26, 2007 at 10:28 AM, Christine Harris emailed David Spitzer stating “I will gladly meet with you to tell you all the requests she has denied, and excuses she has made for vendors.  I have reached my limit with her.  Thank you, Christine Harris.”
On Monday, November 26, 2007 at 5:03 PM, Christine Harris emailed the President of the HOA, Patrick Everett, the Vice President, David Spitzer, and copied her husband, James Jacobs, stating “I want to be informed on all levels of the HOA.”  She also states “The HOA will be held responsible for anyone who retaliates against me again.”
On Monday, November 26, 2007 at 10:33 PM, Christine Harris emailed Patrick Everett, and David Spitzer, stating “These issues are about protecting property owners of Bryant Square Lofts, not about egos or power struggles.  It is about doing the right thing.  From what I see and hear, the Board is not protecting me or hearing my point of view.  I ask you all, whose side are you on, Michelle, the property manager or the property owner?  Respectfully, Christine.”
On Tuesday, November 27, 2007 at 8:33 AM, Christine Harris emailed Patrick Everett, and David Spitzer the basic (CID) Laws, Community Interest Development, after trying to communicate and be heard.  Patrick Everett, David Spitzer, and James Jacobs have an off site meeting to discuss issues, (James Jacobs goes for Christine Harris as he has a relationship with the Board members).  Christine Harris sent this email “Michelle lacks a do-whatever-it-takes attitude.  All I care about is working together, even if we pretend there is community.  It sounds like this is all about a misunderstanding, and miscommunication.  Hopefully things can be resolved in a positive manner.  James will be able to meet with both to discuss issues, as you all have a great relationship. Thank you for your consideration.  Respectfully and Peacefully, Christine.”  Christine Harris only sought to sustain resolution, and problems solved in a reasonable manner.
On Thursday, November 29, 2007 at 8:33 AM, Christine Harris emailed all Bryant Square Lofts board members: Avi Benjamini, David Spitzer, Greyson Mitchem, Kevin Ward, Michelle Beazley, and Patrick Everett, and copied her husband James Jacobs, and the attorney for Bryant Square Lofts, Ann Rankin, stating “Because I have personally been retaliated against in all ways, I no longer will make request to neighbors, and will request that the board and property manager support me”.  
An example of a property owner retaliating was about a year ago.  Christine Harris requested that the group of people at Base Studios (Gallery), clean up all of their bottles, etc., after their party.  They yelled, said rude things, and physically attacked her, in the presence of her father as a witness.  Christine Harris and her father were a lady and a gentleman, never said or did anything to harm anyone.  The group of people turned it around, and lied in emails, which were deformation of character, libel, and slander.  Christine Harris did not keep these emails, as she just wanted peace, and wanted to let go of the emails. 
On Saturday, December 1, 2007 at 9:38 AM, Christine Harris emailed Patrick Everett, David Spitzer, Ann Rankin, and her husband, James Jacobs, stating “All I want is for things to be worked out, with cooperation.  I do not want struggle or conflict.  I stopped going to board meetings because I was retaliated against, and Michelle was rude to me.  Here are just a few issues with Michelle Beazley, the property manager.  I understand no one is perfect, but we are all her clients.  In this building, we all pay for her salary, and she should treat us all fairly and equal.  Michelle treated me poorly when I called her to talk about the pipe leaking, and acted like I was bothering her.”  (Maybe this was personal, or not).  Michelle Beazley made excuses for the plumbers about burning their pipe insulation, saying they could not replace it, and she would not stand up for Christine Harris.  Christine Harris had to write many letters to get the correct pipe insulation replaced, finally.  Michelle Beazley kept making excuses for any and all vendors.
On March 21, 2008, when Deborah Davids became the new President of the HOA, Deborah Davids claimed in an email to have civil litigation experience.
Christine Harris started to seek legal council about a few issues, bought a book on the Davis Stirling Act, and spoke with an attorney, of which did not resolve any issues, while spending $500.00 of her own money.  Christine Harris never intentionally pursued a lawsuit, and never wanted conflict, but wanted resolution.  Christine Harris is, in her own words, “A reasonable person who believes that people can work together through communication, cooperation, and collaboration.”
On May 9, 2008 at 2:08 PM, Christine Harris received a document from a vendor she requested from the HOA stating the chemical content of the carpet cleaner a vendor used on the common area carpets.  Prior to this email, Christine Harris had a phone conversation with the vendor Rich Holt ( 650-588-0534.  Rich Holt contacted Christine Harris to discuss the issue of the carpet cleaner chemical.  Rich Holt threatened Christine Harris, and said “I hope this is the last I hear about this issue”.  Christine Harris was very uncomfortable with this statement.  Christine Harris has the right, as a property owner, to request what chemicals are used in the common areas of the building.  Christine Harris was concerned about the chemical content of the carpet cleaner because it was in the main hallway upstairs, and could potentially harm children and animals using this hallway.
In the spring or summer of 2008, Christine Harris started constantly receiving strange prank phone calls, and text messages from phone numbers 000- 000-0000 and 999-999-9999. Christine Harris noticed these calls were happening right after Deborah Davids became the President of the HOA.  Christine Harris also noticed that both her home phone and cell phone had strange echos that were never there before.  She believes her phones were being wire tapped, somehow, either from the companies, or remotely.  Christine Harris believes that the person (s) who listens to the calls hangs up now and again during the calls, based on the change in the background noise.  AT & T came out to check the lines after Christine Harris notified them of the recent issues.  However AT &T claims they did not notice anything had been tampered with.
Since a few of the HOA board members were new, Christine Harris and James Jacobs requested to receive their contact information.  The board was continually non responsive. Christine Harris was frustrated about asking the board so many times for this information, that she sought other means then bringing on an attorney into the situation.  One may contact the Attorney General for the State of California for free to provide service for property owners that cannot solve issues with their board of directors.  On July 24, 2008, Christine Harris contacted the Attorney General for the State of California, with a Notice of Complaint.  (EXHIBIT 1)
On August 5, 2008, Christine Harris received a copy of the Notice of Complaint, Public Inquiry Unit (PIU) #230697 that was sent to Deborah Davids, board president, for not complying with the law of providing her contact information.  Christine Harris believes this is the same day that Deborah Davids received her copy of the Notice of Complaint as well.  The information that is required by law is the address of the board of directors.  Christine Harris, at this point, had never met Deborah Davids, or Peter Davids, her husband, and did not know what either of them looked like.  (EXHIBIT 2)
On the morning of August 6, 2008, Christine Harris walked over to 19th Street, at York Street, and on her way, said hello to a neighbor’s dog.  While petting the dog, Christine Harris noticed a woman with blonde hair walk close by and gave Christine Harris a look of anger. Christine Harris was a little frightened by this look, and thought that may have been Deborah Davids, but was not sure.  After a month or two went by, Christine Harris noticed, while looking out her unit window, this same blonde woman putting something into her car.
On August 7, 2008 around 8:45 AM, Christine Harris states this incident occurred: “I went into the lobby, and a guy with shaggy brown hair was in the lobby, over weight, kneeling down on the floor by the sliding door, fiddling with the combination lock for quite some time.  As I walked by him, he stared intently, and a strange feeling came over me, as if I was being watched and stalked.  I have never had this feeling before.  I forgot something in my home, so I went back to retrieve something, and when I came back he was still fiddling with the lock, never to open or close the door or the lock, and was whistling the entire time.  If he was trying to look like a janitor, it was strange, because our contracted janitors visit our building on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, not Thursdays.  Around 3:00 PM I came back home through the front door, and another man with the mustache, with gray hair, blue shirt, khaki pants, about 5’ 10", carrying a brief case, but it looked as if he never carried one in his life, came into the building right after me, and than started walking in front of me, walking ever so slowly, whistling.  As I entered into my unit, I watched him enter the other door, staircase, to go upstairs.  What is so odd about this is that if someone new is entering the building to go upstairs, you would enter the building from the front as he did, and then go to the upstairs through the stair case in the front of the building, you would not go through the front door, to go through the back sidewalk area, to go to the upstairs units.  It was strange, it felt liked I was being followed and stalked.  Both of these men were given access into the building.”  Christine Harris claims she can identify both of these men in a line up.  She believes that both of these men are police officers at the Mission Street Police Station, and that the gray haired man could possibly be Sergeant Raymond Beazley, the property manager’s husband.  This incident happened two days after Deborah Davids received the Notice of Complaint from the California Attorney General. 
When Christine Harris’ husband came home from work that evening, she told him what had happened.  He told Christine Harris that he saw two Caucasian men, both with mustaches, one with gray hair, the other with shaggy brown hair, driving around the area in a blue undercover police vehicle, the morning of August 7, 2008, while James Jacobs was riding his bike to work.  He was riding on Harrison Street when the car drove along side him for a block, where he was able to recognize the computer panel mounted on the dash that you typically see in a police vehicle.  The car drove ahead and took a right on Mariposa Street headed east towards Potrero Avenue.  Because of the misunderstandings with Michelle Beazley, and Deborah Davids, Christine Harris concluded that one of the stalkers might be Michelle Beazley’s husband.  Christine Harris had discovered in a phone conversation with Michelle Beazley that her husband was a police officer.  Christine Harris realized that these people had conspired to send stalkers.  The incident definitely scared her. 
Stalking is illegal in the state of California, and the United States  (California Stalking Law, Penal Code 646.9 PC).  This form of stalking is called gang stalking or organized stalking (otherwise known as COINTELPRO, Counter Intelligence Program).  This stalking incident has caused Christine Harris severe emotional distress and physical damage.
On the evening of August 7, 2008, Christine Harris stayed awake all evening searching the internet trying to figure out what had happened to her.  She started researching stalking, as she had never been stalked before.  Christine Harris believes it was done to harm her, and realized through her research, that it was for the purpose of revenge.  Christine Harris could not sleep, eat, or function for many months following the incident.  Since Christine Harris believes police officers were involved, she was skeptical about filing a police report, and if she did, would it do any good or would they retaliate even more.   Christine Harris contacted District Attorney Kamala Harris and asked for assistance.  The DA’s office sent an email back stating that Christine Harris should file a police report before they can investigate.  Christine Harris feels strongly that if the District Attorney, Kamala Harris, and any authorities she contacted, had stepped in to investigate, the crimes against her would have ceased.
On August 13, 2008, Deborah Davids responds to the Notice of Complaint (PIU  #230697) that Christine Harris filed with the California Attorney General.  In Christine Harris’ opinion, Deborah Davids did not give an answer, but makes excuses as to why she does not need to comply with the law.  (EXHIBIT 3)
On August 16, 2008 at 6:54 PM, Christine Harris sent an email stating “Hello Board and Property Manager, While getting my mail on Saturday, August 16, 2008, around 2:30 PM, in the lobby, there was an entire group of people, including Michelle Beazley.  We were never informed of this meeting.  Please provide us with the minutes for the meeting. Best, Christine Harris Bryant Square Lofts Property Owner.” Mrs. Beazley responded, but it did not appear to be something Mrs. Beazley would write. "Dear Christine:  In response to your email: “You are mistaken, there is no way that I was there on Saturday or anytime on the weekends.  I would only be there if there was an extreme emergency.  As a matter of fact, I was in Home Depot from Noon to 2:30 p.m.  I have a receipt that I can send you if you need proof. By the way, this is very funny that someone looks like me, would be interested in meeting my double.  As you well know, if there is a board meeting, it is posted in advance on the bulletin board in the lobby.  For the past 5 years, there has never been a board meeting on the weekend.  On another note: In researching my computer, I received 85 emails from you since 1/28/08 and it has taken a toll on my work load.  Therefore, I kindly request that your emails to Management be only for work orders that pertain to the Association.  I do not want to increase my management fee for the time spent in reading non-related items to the Association.  I would appreciate your cooperation very much.   Respectfully, Michelle Beazley.”
Property owners relied on emails for meetings, not postings on the bulletin board. Christine Harris believes this email may have been written by someone else, other than Michelle Beazley, as this is not Michelle Beazley’s style of writing.  Per the Davis Stirling Act, any meeting pertaining to the Homeowner Association, all property owners are to be invited.  They had a meeting without inviting Christine Harris and James Jacobs, which is illegal per the Davis Stirling Act.  They lied and denied this meeting ever occurred when Christine Harris clearly saw them all in the lobby.  In addition, they harassed Christine Harris in this email regarding her communication with the property manager.
On August 18, 2008 at 7:01 PM, Christine Harris sends another email to Michelle Beazley, Deborah Davids, and Kevin Ward requesting, yet again, the contact information of board members.  This email also contains a resource for conflict resolution and reconciliation.  Again, Christine Harris only wants resolution and open communication with the HOA Board members.
On or about August 21, 2008, Christine Harris notices a woman with brown bobbed hair starts stalking her around Bryant Square Lofts, 720 York Street, San Francisco, CA.  Based on very few encounters, of which will be explained later, Christine Harris believes this stalker to be Deborah Davids  (Definition per the Webster’s Concise Dictionary: Stalk, approach game, etc., stealthily.  2. To walk in a stiff or haughty manner).
On or about August 21, 2008, Christine Harris visited the two next door neighbors.  Shortly after her visits she received strange text messages stating “Visiting neighbors are you”.  Christine Harris was very disturbed by this text message and deleted them as fast as she could. Christine Harris states that this text message “Made my skin crawl”.
On August 26, 2008 at 9:49 AM, Christine Harris emailed Kamala Harris, District Attorney ( requesting support.  (EXHIBIT 4)
On August 26, 2008 at 10:22 AM, Christine Harris writes to Mayor Gavin Newsom, requesting a meeting.  Christine Harris only received a few calls from Mayor Gavin Newsom’s assistant.  However, no meetings occurred, and nothing was accomplished or resolved.  Christine Harris feels that if any of the public officials, or any of the San Francisco authorities had intervened, the crimes against her would have ceased. 
On Sunday evening, August 31 2008, after eating at the 17th Street Taqueria in the Mission District, El Toro, Christine Harris and her husband went to the Mission Street Police Station to file a police report on the stalking incident.  Christine Harris handed the officer at the window a piece of paper that had the stalking incident written down so it would be easy for the police officer to take the report.  Christine Harris never stated in this report that police officers were undercover, stalking her, and did not state Officer Beazley’s name out of fear of further revenge.  In this letter Christine Harris states that she would have reported this sooner, but felt no one would have helped her.  Christine Harris was denied the opportunity to file a police report.
On or about September 3, 2008, Christine Harris contacts the HOA’s attorney, Ann Rankin, and requests Deborah Davids (although Christine Harris did not say her name, but insinuated) be removed from the Board.  Ann Rankin responds by saying that she cannot do anything without instruction from the Board.
On or about Monday, September 8, 2008 at 1:10 PM, Christine Harris was being followed by a big, black Dodge truck, with a man that looked liked the man with gray hair and mustache that followed her on August 7, 2008 through the lobby of Bryant Square Lofts around 3:30 PM.  Christine Harris positioned her car to get behind the truck and followed him in hopes of getting the license plate number.  She followed him for several blocks on Potrero Avenue until he sped away on Highway 101.  Christine Harris was very distraught and was not successful in getting the license plate.  Christine Harris researched more about stalkers and found a detective, Mike Proctor, who wrote a book called Stalk The Stalker, which gives advice on how to handle stalkers.  Christine Harris was stalked the day after sending out an email to Ann Rankin.  The two people who were most likely sent her email are Deborah Davids, the President of the Board, and Michelle Beazley, the property manager.  Christine Harris feels she was stalked, again, for her freedom of speech and for emailing Ann Rankin.
On September 22, 2008, Christine Harris was scared and did not feel supported by anyone, except her husband.  Christine Harris felt as if she needed to report this stalking incident as she feared for her life.  Christine Harris reported the prank phone calls and strange text messages on-line to the SFPD.  An officer responded by email to let her know they could not clearly understand the report so they were going to send someone out to take a report.  Christine Harris stated that she wanted to wait that evening until her husband was home.  Two officers showed up that evening and took the report (#081008650).  Christine Harris still did not report that police officers were involved, as she feared retaliation, and felt as though the officers would not take the report if she stated such.   (EXHIBIT 5)
In September, 2008, Christine Harris was in her white Volvo at 19th Street and Bryant Street when she noticed that a SFPD car was right next to her.  The police officer in the car was the same man that stalked her around 8:45 AM in the lobby of Bryant Square Lofts on August 7, 2008.  However the man was now bald.  This police officer shaved his head, but was back in the area at the same time as Christine Harris.  She looked at him, and he nodded his head at her.
On September 18, 2008, the HOA Board writes a letter to Christine Harris and James Jacobs stating that Michelle Beazley will no longer receive any emails from them.
On or about September 25, 2008, Christine Harris realized that she should inform all the neighbors about the stalking incidents.  Christine Harris read on the internet that stalking victims should let all of their neighbors know as to keep the stalkers away.  Christine Harris started to conduct more research and found that the stalking incident is called gang stalking, and this is a technique used by the KKK to stalk the Black Panthers.  Christine Harris starts to reach out to as many people as possible, including public officials.  Christine Harris sends out the “Neighborhood Alert” notice to everyone at Bryant Square Lofts, 720 York Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, but excludes Deborah Davids and Michelle Beazley.  Christine Harris sent out the “Neighborhood Alert” without a return sender address, to remain anonymous out of fear of further revenge.  Christine Harris believes that people that do these kinds of inhumane acts will most likely continue their criminal behavior, and the defendants have exhibited continued criminal behavior.  (EXHIBIT 6)
On September 29, 2008, Christine Harris and James Jacobs received a letter from Michelle Beazley stating “Management and the Board are receiving complaints from several owners that you are posting neighborhood alert notices all around the building.  “You may not be aware of this, that posting letters/signs around the building is violation of the CC & R’s.  Since you chose not to be on the Yahoo group to inform the residents, your only recourse is to post notices on the community bulletin board.  Please remove all the notices around the building.  If any notices are posted on the glass of the building, please make sure you clean the residue from the scotch tape.  We appreciate your cooperation.  Sincerely, Michelle Beazley, Property Manager.” 
This was a form of harassment, revenge, and retaliation from Deborah Davids, and Michelle Beazley, for exposing their crimes of stalking, and conspiring to stalk Christine Harris. How would they know it was Christine Harris when the Neighborhood Alert notice does not have Christine Harris’ name on it, nor a return address?  In addition, no one is around to see Christine Harris posting notices.  All the notices Christine Harris posted in Bryant Square Lofts and around the neighborhood, including the “approved” bulletin board in the lobby, were mysteriously removed.  One day Christine Harris and a friend post a Neighborhood Alert notice on the bulletin board and within ninety minutes, the notice was removed.
On October 24, 2008, Christine Harris sent a request to SFPD to get a copy of her police report #081008560.  Christine Harris had to email the SF Board of Supervisors, and Mayor Gavin Newsom, in order to request a copy of her police report.  Christine Harris noticed, again, that both her cell phone and home phone had echoes, as if someone was listening in.  She can hear other people hang up on the other “side” of the phone line.  This echo has continued for nearly two and a half years, until present.  Her cell phone is with Sprint, and her home phone with AT & T.  Sprint is coincidently an account of Jones Day Law Firm, where Defendant Peter Davids is employed.
On October 28, 2008, Christine Harris sends a letter to the San Francisco FBI office for support.  (EXHIBIT 7)
On November 4, 2008, Christine Harris was looking out her front window, as she started to do since all of these incidents, and saw that a brown bobbed haired woman, similar to the one she noticed on August 21, 2008, was parking her red BMW, (plate number 2PJY682, two door, tan interior), in front of Christine Harris’ unit on York Street. (  The woman went into the trunk to get bags, and stared at Christine Harris in the window.  In Christine Harris’ words, “like she was going to kill me, a look I had never received, ever, in my entire life.”  Christine Harris notices this car parked nearly every day at this point in front of her window at 720 York Street.  As Christine Harris kept looking at her in the window, Michelle Beazley showed up, and started staring at Christine Harris as well, exactly with the same look.  Christine Harris was very afraid and felt as though her life was threatened.  Christine Harris called SFPD.   Christine Harris also called her father, Jim Harris, and told him about the on-going situation.  Jim Harris came over to be with his daughter, and was aware that she had called the police.  After a few minutes, two police cars showed up.  Christine Harris was still looking out the window while the two police cars pulled up to 720 York Street.  As the police cars arrived Michelle Beazley and Deborah Davids ran into the building as fast as they could, as witnessed by Christine Harris herself.  The three police officers came into Christine Harris’ home; a Caucasian female with brown hair, blue eyes, about 5’-3” tall, with her hair pulled back; another female, Caucasian with blond hair, and dark hair roots, brown eyes, about 5’-7” tall, (both women on the little over weight side), and an Asian man, slender, about 5’-6” tall.  Christine Harris started to tell them how Deborah Davids and Michelle Beazely were in her front window glaring at her like they wanted to kill her.  Christine Harris said she called SFPD as she feared for her life.  Jim Harris came into the home about five minutes after the three SFPD officers arrived.  Christine Harris started to tell them about how she had strong reason to believe that Deborah Davids, and Michelle Beazley, had conspired to send stalkers after her and that she believed Sergeant Raymond Beazley was one of the stalkers.  Jim Harris witnessed this conversation.  The three officers started talking among themselves, then walked into Christine Harris’ living room proceeding to have private conversations.  They phoned to have another police officer join them.  A Sergeant arrived, a bald man, and stood next to the door the entire time watching Christine Harris and her father.  The other three officers were threatening Christine Harris, telling her they would sue her for slander if Christine Harris said anything to anyone.  Christine Harris told them she feared for her life.   (Penal Code Section 136.1 does not allow intimidation of witnesses or victims.  Penal Code 136.2: of various orders, intimidation of witness and witness. Penal Code Section 139, stating cannot use threats to use force or violence upon witnesses).  Christine Harris told the officers that she was stalked by a gray haired male in a big, black Dodge truck, who she believed to be Sergeant Raymond Beazley, and that Christine Harris tried to follow him to get the license plate number.  The two women gave Christine Harris a pep talk to let her know that following this person was not appropriate.  They also gave Christine Harris a pep talk about posting notes in the neighborhood about the stalking incidents.  Christine Harris told the officers, that her and her husband were planning on going to 850 Bryant Street, SFPD main offices, to speak to an inspector that week.  The officers got on the phone again with someone.  This was such a strange reaction from police officers.  Christine Harris had never thought that they would protect the criminals and threaten a victim.  Christine Harris told the blond haired officer that this was what happens to rape victims- they are told to be quiet, right?   Christine Harris has never been raped, but it is what you hear in the victims’ cases.  Christine Harris used this as an analogy only.  The blond haired officer looked at Christine Harris with glazed eyes, as if not to hear her, and looked at Christine Harris in disgust.  Christine Harris filed a second police report, and again this was very difficult to obtain.  Police report  #081180497.  (EXHIBIT 8)
On November 5, 2008, Christine Harris and her husband, James Jacobs, went to 850 Bryant Street, to speak to an inspector.  They arrived early in the morning, before 10:00 AM, and went to the 4th Floor.  Christine Harris gave a bald inspector the police report number she received on November 4, 2008, #081008560.  He took the note, and went into the back office, out of sight.  Soon after he left this office and went somewhere else in the building.  He returned about 15 minutes later and told Christine Harris that the case was lost.  James Jacobs is the witness to this conversation.  He gave Christine Harris a light yellow post it note with a name and number to call, Officer Dunn.  He told Christine Harris that Officer Dunn would get right back to her.  That evening James Jacobs asked Christine Harris if she called the phone number.  Christine Harris hesitated and said she had not made the call yet.
On November 6, 2008, Christine Harris called Officer Dunn, when the answering machine picked up it said it was the Psychology Unit for the San Francisco Police Department.  Christine Harris knew right away that they were trying to stop her from telling anyone.  She realized they were trying to criminalize her, to cover up the crimes against her.  Christine Harris has never had any issues with the police her entire life, and has a perfect driving record.  That evening, and for nearly a week, Christine Harris was very depressed, saddened, and could not eat, sleep or function in anyway.  She felt helpless, and did not know where to turn since the people who are supposed to protect her are stalking her, conspiring against her, and now, doing everything in their power to protect the criminals.  Christine Harris was in shock.  She never knew this had happened to people.   Christine Harris has never done anything to anyone and is a law abiding resident of San Francisco since August 1989.  Christine Harris found Officer Dunn’s photo on SFPD’s website, along with her credentials.  Officer Dunn is supposedly evaluating people for the San Francisco Police Department but is not a doctor of any kind.   She is a psychiatric technician.
Sometime in November 2008, Christine Harris noticed strange technical difficulties on her computer, as if her computer was being hacked into.  DSL was very slow most of the time.  All of these compounded issues started to scare Christine Harris.  She feared for her life.  She could not function.  She changed her daily habits and stayed home most of the time for fear of being followed, stalked, or intimidated.  She could barely eat, sleep, or do much of anything out of fear.  Christine Harris noticed police cars showing up around her more than ever.  Christine Harris noticed the bald Sergeant, the one that came to her home on November 4, 2008, was often in the neighborhood in a police car.
One evening in November 2008, Christine Harris was lying in bed alone, while her husband was traveling for business.  Late in the evening, early morning, Christine Harris felt a jolt of unseen energy hit her body.  She looked out towards the back walk through the window and saw a man standing outside.  The walkway lights allowed her to recognized the man; it was the same man who stalked her on August 7, 2008, and who also was driving the big, black Dodge truck.  He was holding a device and pointing it at Christine Harris through the window.  Christine Harris did not know what to do and just laid awake for the rest of the days following this incident. 
In the following days, Christine Harris became violently ill with flu and cold symptoms, but knew it was neither.  Christine Harris had diarrhea, sweating, stomach cramps, severe and violent coughing , and a burning sensation all over her vital organs.  Christine Harris started to research and found that such a device is called directed energy weapons, microwave weapons, or D.E.W.’s.  This information is all over the internet.  Christine Harris feared for her life for a reason.  Somehow this person had access into the building again.  This man, who Christine Harris believes is Sergeant Raymond Beazley, did this during sleeping hours in the privacy of Christine Harris’ own home, without any ability to defend herself.  Christine Harris did not go to the doctor because she was very disturbed, confused, and still did not understand how someone could do such an act.  Christine Harris does not have an active imagination nor the capacity to make up such incidents and crimes.  This is science fact, not fiction (see Judy Wall’s Electromagnetic Weapons Timeline  (EXHIBIT 9)
In the month of November 2008, after having conversations with Christine Harris’ husband, and a long time friend who is a real estate agent, Christine Harris and James Jacobs decided to sell their property, and move away from a place that is causing so much harm, stress, and anxiety.  They intended on keeping this property since they originally both fell in love with the building and their condominium unit, but felt it was time to move on.
Christine Harris outreached to many organizations, public officials, and media agencies at this time to seek support in any way.   She still has not received any assistance from any public official, any authorities, or human rights organizations other than Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance.
Christine Harris had no one to go to for support.  She connected via internet with a police abuse person by the name of Kamu. Christine Harris saw on the news of a woman who was stalked and murdered in San Mateo, CA, and this frightened her even more.  Christine Harris reached out to all police stations in the San Francisco bay area, but to no avail.  Christine Harris communicated via email to the San Mateo Police, and because of the stalking and murder incident, she got a response from one of their Officers.  Christine Harris went to the San Mateo Police station and told the story of the stalking and that she strongly believes Sergeant Raymond Beazley was involved in the stalking.  The officer at the San Mateo Police Station told Christine Harris there was nothing they could do for her since it was out of their jurisdiction, and did not further assist Christine Harris.  The officer was interested in hearing from her until she told him a police officer was involved.
On November 17, 2008, Christine Harris sends a letter to San Francisco Chief Heather Fong requesting a copy of her police report #081008560. 
On November 26, 2008, Christine Harris sends a letter to Chief of Police Susan E. Manheimer in San Mateo, CA, to get assistance.  Christine Harris is searching for help from someone. 
On November 27, 2008, Christine Harris sends a letter to Chief of Police Wayne G. Tucker in Oakland, CA, to try to get assistance since she is unable to get support from SFPD.
The month of November 2008 is when Christine Harris believes she connected with Mesha Monge-Irizzary via the internet.  Mesha Monge-Irizzary provides support for victims of police brutality.
In November 2008, Christine Harris and James Jacobs put their condominium up for sale, but did not heavily market it due to privacy issues.  (EXHIBIT 10)
On December 20, 2008, Christine Harris sends a letter to Police Commissioner Theresa Sparks requesting assistance. 
On December 23, 2008, Christine Harris meets with Mesha Monge-Irizarry for support and to talk about being stalked by who she believes to be Sergeant Raymond Beazley.  Mesha Monge-Irizzary is the founder of the Idriss Stelley Foundation, Law Enforcement Accountability, 415-595-8251.
On January 29, 2009, Lt. Joseph Reilly, the Secretary from the San Francisco Police Commission sends Christine Harris a letter acknowledging her letter of the crimes against her. 
On or about February 13, 2009, Christine Harris met her friend at Peet’s Coffee in Burlingame.  Christine Harris only emailed her friend and she did not have a phone conversation to verify the meeting  (Email was not saved).  Christine Harris encountered a man, who she believes, somehow cyber-stalked her, and then stalked her at Peet’s Coffee.  Christine Harris entered into Peet’s Coffee in Burlingame around 12:00 PM to meet her friend.  Her friend was not there yet, so she ordered a tea, and decided to sit and wait for her friend.  She noticed a very heavy weight man, Caucasian, sitting next to her.  He proceeds to start having a conversation with her.  He told Christine Harris his first name was Rob.  He also told her that he was a consultant.  Christine Harris was fearful but talked to him anyway.  She has never met or spoke with this person in her entire life.  He states to Christine Harris, at the start of the conversation, “You are calm for someone who is going through so much.” Christine Harris never told him what she was going through.  Why would this man, who she never met, or talked to before, make such a statement?  He had a computer that he put on the table.  He opened up the computer, and on the screen was an image of George W. Bush Jr. with the Skull and Bones.  Christine Harris had read a booklet by Eleanor White, called Organized Stalking (EXHIBIT 11), and in fact had several booklets in her bag with her to give out to people to expose the crime of organized stalking.  Christine Harris gave him an Organized Stalking booklet.  Christine Harris already knew about stalkers techniques from this booklet.  Christine Harris noticed this man started talking about things that were very personal to Christine Harris.  He volunteered that he went to the University of Oregon, just like her.  Christine Harris never told this man that she went to college, nor mention going to the University of Oregon.  Christine Harris often sends text messages to her friends and family using the word “love”.  This man at Peet’s started using this word out of nowhere, a lot, in the conversation with Christine Harris.  Christine Harris started to realize this man was an organized stalker, and that he was doing what is called “street theater”.  He told Christine Harris with a condescending tone, that he was grateful for all the information she had provided him.  He said he was very angered by class action lawsuits.  This was another strange statement since Christine Harris was hoping that a group she connected with, Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance, would file a class action lawsuit.  Christine Harris filed forms and paperwork for the lawsuit that she only saved on her computer.  The only way this person would have known any thing about Christine Harris was from stolen files on her computer.  Christine Harris feels strongly, based on the technical difficulties from her computer, that her computer was hacked into during these crimes against her.  Christine Harris does not have money to get hard evidence of these crimes.  When Christine Harris got home, she knew she had been stalked.  Within the week or so, she decided that she should look at Jones Day Law firm to see if this man from Peet’s was possibly an employee of the firm.   She discovered he is one of the partners in the law firm, Robert Marshall (, 415-875-5720).
On or about February 15, 2009, Christine Harris sent a note to Kevin Ward, an HOA Board member, to let him know someone in the building was stalking her.  
On or about February 18, 2009, Christine Harris states that a form of energy was directed at her body, again, and it felt like it burned all of her vital organs.  As this energy hit Christine Harris’ body, she went to the window in her home at 720 York Street, to see if it was coming from the direction of the front window.  There was a woman standing on the sidewalk at her window, the brown bobbed haired woman.   Christine Harris opened the window and asked  “Are you Deborah Davids?”  The woman answered, “Yes, but I am not doing anything wrong to you Christine.”  Christine Harris never asked her if she was doing anything wrong to her.  Deborah Davids and Christine Harris had never met before, and Christine Harris did not know what Debroah Davids looked like before this encounter.  Christine Harris thought this was a strange statement from Deborah Davids.  Deborah Davids’ red BMW was parked in front of Christine Harris’ window at the time of this incident.  After this event, there seemed to be a constant state of electromagnetic radiation energy on her 24 hours a day, while at home, or anywhere else.  This constant state of electromagnetic radiation stopped when head of the CIA, Leon Panetta, and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, said they were going to investigate a very serious covert operation that was happening in the United States. (  (EXHIBIT 12)
Christine Harris states this has been the most painful experience in her life.  Her feet were burned on the outside.  Christine Harris did not take photos at the time due to being completely traumatized.  Christine Harris’ eyes are damaged with scar tissue, suddenly causing her to have very blurred vision.   She proceeded to have eye exams to find a solution.  Christine Harris has lost some hearing, has lost her ability to hear some high-pitched noises, and has tinnitus.  She has exams to document her loss of hearing.  Christine Harris had perfect vision and hearing up until the first incident of these microwave weapons, which was in November 2008.
On or about February 19, 2009, Christine Harris went to see Mesha Irizzary.  She put Christine Harris in touch with a reporter, Marlon Crump, who has also experienced police brutality.  Marlon Crump has emotionally supported her, and helped Christine Harris cope with being a victim of police brutality.
On February 23, 2009, Christine Harris went to the emergency room as she noticed her physical condition was getting worse.  Christine Harris had trouble breathing, and her organs felt burned, and her feet had welts on them.  She also noticed the whites of her eyes were yellowish in color.  Christine Harris researched this symptom and found that this could be an indication of jaundice and liver damage.  Christine Harris takes very good care of her body and the whites of her eyes had been very white until this crime of violence.  Electromagnetic radiation cannot be detected in the human body with the technology that is currently available at hospitals.  If there is technology available, Christine Harris is not aware, nor has she been told about the possibility of the technology being accessible to patients.  The military has access to these weapons, according to numerous internet resources, and possible access to medical technology to detect electromagnetic radiation in the human body.  These electromagnetic weapons render the victim defenseless.
A document by the Department of the Navy, United States Army Intelligence and Security Command, was given to Don Friedman, another victim of electromagnetic radiation who has filed a lawsuit.  This document provides information pertaining to the microwave auditory effect, microwave hearing effect, Frey Effect, artificial telepathy, and/or any device/weapon which uses and/or causes such effect, and any covert or undisclosed hypnosis.  This unclassified document is called Bio-Effects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons.  (EXHIBIT 13)
On or about February 25, 2009, Christine Harris sent the Bryant Square Lofts Board two letters requesting mediation, or seminars, to have reconciliation.  The Board responds denying any disputes and refuses to meet with Christine Harris to resolve any issues.
On February 26, 2009, Christine Harris was with Marlon Crump at Peet’s Coffee on 16th Street and Bryant Street, by Trader Joes.  Christine Harris had about 80 copies of the Organized Stalking booklet in the trunk of her car.  She opened the trunk and gave a copy to Marlon Crump.  Marlon Crump witnessed the booklets in the back of her trunk.  Christine Harris left, to go see a friend in the Marina district, and when she opened the trunk to get a booklet for her friend the booklets were no longer there.  Christine Harris has the receipt for the copies of the booklets.  She filed a police report for the incident (#090208543).  (EXHIBIT 14)
On February 27, 2009 Christine Harris writes to Phil Bryan, Vice President of the HOA, requesting mediation with Deborah Davids and Michelle Beazley.  Christine Harris request this letter be shared with all the Board members. 
On Saturday, February 28, 2009 at 12:23 PM, Christine Harris writes to Derrick Robinson, the president of Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance, stating “I cannot function normally anymore, cannot work out, can only handle this stuff.  I will get copies of all three police reports.  We have our condo for sale because of all of this.  My husband and I are having a hard time, having mediation today, counseling for the first time in 9-1/2 years that we have been together.   My hands shake, most likely due to nerve damage.  This is so unfair, so unkind so inhumane.”   The mediation counselor was Mesha Monge Irizzary.
Christine Harris realized there was a human rights organization Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance that was assisting victims of electromagnetic radiation weapons and organized stalking, and she connected with them via internet.  Wilson Law Center LLC, Jonathan O. Wilson, Attorney at Law, was representing the group in a class action lawsuit.   (P.O. Box 1102, Morrison, Colorado, 80465, 720-219-8366,,   Christine Harris filled out the forms to join the lawsuit.  This lawyer, for whatever reason (s) decided to cancel the case.  (EXHIBIT 15)
On March 4, 2009, the Board of Bryant Square Lofts writes Christine Harris a letter stating that Deborah Davids and Michelle Beazley “declined” to meet with her.   The Board decides to send another representative, Phil Bryan. 
Sometime in March 2009, Christine Harris made an appointment to visit a radiation oncologist, a referral through her general practitioner who she has known since fall of 1990.  Her appointment was confirmed, until one day, out of the blue, the doctor’s office called to cancel her appointment.  The doctor gave no reason for the cancellation.
On Friday, March 13, 2009, Christine Harris’ car was illegally towed from York Street, San Francisco.  After retrieving her car from the tow lot on Saturday, March 14, she notices the citation ticket and the towing ticket did not have the same address noted.  Christine Harris emailed Bevan Dufty, San Francisco Board of Supervisors, to complain about the situation.  He states in an email that this ticket is not in their system.  Christine Harris protested the citation, and was successful.  Christine Harris believes this was revenge.  Christine Harris has strong reason to believe they installed a GPS tracking device and a listening device in her car when it was illegally towed.  Christine Harris believes this due to the constant stalking by strangers, police vehicles and by who she believes is Sergeant Raymond Beazley.
On March 20, 2009, Christine Harris emailed a friend to tell her what is happening to her. The friend sent an email back telling her she has also experienced this directed energy, electromagnetic radiation while working at a place near Christine Harris’ residence, at the time of 720 York Street, San Francisco, CA 94110.
In March, 2009, Marlon Crump, writes an article for Poor Magazine called Electronic Harassment ( Marlon Crump has been a supporter and advocate for Christine Harris and many of the victims in the San Francisco bay area.  Marlon Crump also wrote an online letter to President Barack Obama (
In March 2009, Christine Harris called a friend, Debra, who she has known since 1995 to talk and to tell her about how her health is all of a sudden declining, after being perfectly healthy.  Her friend Debra concurs with Christine Harris about being gang stalked and harassed by police officers, and then proceeds to tell Christine Harris, “We need to meet soon.”  Christine Harris and her friend Debra met the next evening.  Christine Harris brought over as much information as possible.  Her friend Debra said to Christine Harris “I knew you would know, as you research everything”.   Debra works for an affluent architecture firm, and the wife, who owns her own business related to architecture, put Debra on this “list” as well.  Debra is coincidently a victim of the same kinds of crimes.
On March 31, 2009, Christine Harris and James Jacobs meet with Phil Bryan, Vice President of the HOA to discuss the gang stalking incident.  Both Christine Harris and James Jacobs did not tell Phil Bryan who they thought was involved in the crimes, they just wanted him to know what was going on in the building.  This same day, Christine Harris receives harassing phone calls from people who pretend to be with AT & T, and a stalker who arrives claiming to be with AT & T, leaving a hand written note on scratch paper at their unit door. 
Sometime in April 2009, two tow trucks were parked behind Christine Harris’ car on York Street right in front of her home.  Christine Harris notices this through her window and went outside to confront the drivers.  She has the conversation on video questioning one of the drivers  (  Side Line Towing (yellow truck), San Francisco, CA, Truck #6011, license plate 7E17077.  Christine Harris believes this was in revenge and retaliation for the article that was written by reporter Marlon Crump.  Christine Harris chased them to video tape them so she could stop them from towing her car.   (EXHIBIT 16)
On April 12, 2009, Christine Harris was flying back from Boston, MA to San Francisco, CA with her husband on United, Flight #181 (gate C17 in Boston), departing at 2:39 PM (confirmation #NBR JG9NLW).  Christine Harris states “While I was watching a film, my head started to hurt, and I never get headaches until all of these crimes, psychotronics and electromagnetic radiation started.  I realized that whoever was doing this was trying to use synthetic telepathy on the plane.  I looked up during the film, and saw a tall, Caucasian male in a blue button down shirt, with dress pants, he was staring at me intently to see how I was reacting.  He was seated in 7C”.   If she is now part of an MKULTRA, this man may have been part of the crimes and “experiment”.  There is even an organization (maybe more), called the United States Psychotronic Association (
On April 15, 2009, Christine Harris talked with Cyndie Spanier who lives in Pennsylvania, the psychologist for Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance.  Cyndie Spanier counsels and supports trauma patients, victims of organized stalking, directed energy weapons, and psychotronic weapons.
On April 24, 2009, Christine Harris wrote the San Francisco City Attorney to get a refund on the illegal towing of her car associated with the dismissed citation from March 13, 2009.   The City Attorney sends a full refund to Christine Harris invoice #468599.   (EXHIBIT 17)
In April 2009, Christine Harris met with Phil Bryan and her mediator, Mesha Monge-Irizzary, for the issues and crimes that occurred at Bryant Square Lofts.  They met at Starbucks at the corner of Mariposa and Bryant Street, San Francisco.  About ten police officers showed up at Starbucks and surrounded Christine Harris and Mesha Monge-Irizzary while they initiated their meeting in the cafĂ©.  Christine Harris, Phil Bryan, and Mesha Monge-Irizzary moved into the private room inside Starbucks so they would not be harassed or intimidated.  Phil Bryan told Mesha and Christine that Deborah Davids was very angry that she received the Notice of Complaint from the Attorney General of CA for not complying with the law.  Christine Harris noticed that Phil Bryan had a pair of small white speakers near his chest, hanging over his shirt.
Sometime in April 2009, stalkers were video taping Richard, Greg (other victims), and Christine Harris, while they were at Peet's Coffee, by Safeway at 16th/Bryant Street shopping center.  The stalkers were driving a black Chevrolet truck, license plate number 7R35161, with a frame around the plate with “Oakland” stated at the top, and “Chevrolet” at the bottom.  Richard Centeno used Christine Harris’ cell phone camera and video taped the stalkers (
On May 13, 2009, Christine Harris and James Jacobs moved out of Bryant Square Lofts.  The moving company, Delancy Street Movers, required they get permits to secure curb areas for loading at both locations, old and new.  Christine Harris filed for the permits at the SFPD Mission Street Station (where Sergeant Raymond Beazley happens to work).
On May 15, 2009 at 10:00 AM, Christine Harris experienced the electromagnetic radiation (unseen weapons), directed energy weapons, again, and now directed at her heart. Christine Harris felt as though she was near death again.  James Jacobs drove Christine Harris to the emergency room that evening.  The emergency room doctors did not give her an IV, no pain medication, no oxygen, nor anything else to help her.  Christine Harris was upset, confused, and disturbed since they had just moved, thinking the attacks would cease now being away from Bryant Square Lofts. 
On May 15, 2009, Christine Harris went to see a doctor in San Francisco’s China Town.  Christine Harris made a call to her father, letting him know that she was badly burned, again, by the electromagnetic weapons.  After this phone call to her father, she was then followed at 12:40 PM by a dark blue under cover police car.   She did not get the license plate as she was traumatized and very nervous.  Christine Harris contacted the Office of Citizen Complaint at 1:45 PM at 415-597-7711, and the California State Bar 800-528-6011.   Christine Harris called Mesha Monge-Irizzary for support.
In the spring and/or summer of 2009, Christine Harris had a phone call from 925-333-9185, and many emails from,,; a man claiming to be a victim of the crimes, Tim W. Anderson.  Christine Harris felt the need to have this man investigated.  Mesha Monge-Irizarry investigated Tim W. Anderson and found that he may know Sergeant Raymond Beazley.  Tim W. Anderson may have been in the Navy, may have worked for MIT, and mentioned he is a computer programmer in a phone conversation to Christine Harris.  Christine Harris believes he may have access to this electromagnetic radiation technology.  Tim W. Anderson says he is a victim of the crimes, however, Christine Harris believes, based on his strange emails and phone conversations, that this man may be directly responsible for the operation of the technology.  Anytime Christine Harris speaks out about Tim W. Anderson, and the defendants, the organized stalking increases.  Tim W. Anderson started a Yahoo group,  (EXHIBIT 18)
During the spring and summer of 2009, Christine Harris and James Jacobs noticed a very unusual odor to Christine Harris’ body.  It was a stench one relates to decay.  Her organs were burned so badly that she started to “die” in her words.  She had never smelled poorly before due to hygiene and healthy eating habits.  Christine Harris has worked relentlessly to heal her body for the past two and a half years, until present.
On June 16, 2009, Christine Harris was in San Francisco’s China Town with a friend. When she returns to her car she saw a DVD that was placed by her door that said the word "Murder" on it.  She was unsure if this was directed at her, but it was strange, and made her very fearful.  Christine Harris did not take a video or photo, nor did she keep the DVD.
On July 23, 2009, Christine Harris was interviewed by reporter Myrna Lim of Access SF Live.  Dr. John Hall was also a guest on the show to speak about these covert crimes being conducted on innocent victims.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
On August 28, 2009, Senator Dianne Feinstein writes Christine Harris a letter stating that she cannot help her.  (EXHIBIT 19)
On August 29, 2009, Christine Harris writes to Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Senator Barbara Boxer, and Senator Dianne Feinstein regarding organized stalking, and electromagnetic weapons.  (EXHIBIT 20)
In the month of October 2009, while seeing a doctor in Walnut Creek, CA, Christine Harris was stalked again by who she believes to be Sergeant Raymond Beazley.  A gray curly haired man, with a mustache, the same man who stalked her on August 7, 2008 at 720 York Street, San Francisco.  However, in Walnut Creek, the man was not in uniform, and was driving a large brown and tan motorcycle.  The man was following Christine Harris along the driver side of her car while heading west on Ygnacio Valley Road, Walnut Creek.  By now, she was hoping this would all go away and the stalking would stop.
On or about Wednesday, October 1, 2009, Christine Harris gave a speech at the San Francisco Police Commissioner meeting.  Christine Harris said to the Commissioners “I have strong reason to believe that Sergeant Raymond Beazley, one of my perpetrators was stalking me today on his SFPD motorcycle in his uniform.  He came behind my car today in the early afternoon while I was parking at Rainbow Grocery.  He looked like the same person, on a motorcycle, who was stalking me in Walnut Creek several weeks ago.  He has gray hair, and a
mustache, and over weight.”  Christine Harris has never met Sergeant Raymond Beazley in person face to face.
On or about October 1, 2009, Christine Harris filed paperwork with the Office of Citizens Complaints (OCC) providing detailed dates of the crimes against her, including being stalked by two under cover police officers, Michelle Beazley conspiring with her husband and President of Bryant Square Lofts HOA.  Christine Harris emailed, faxed, and sent via certified mail the dated incidents to Office of Citizens Complaint.  Christine Harris was given a case number (0780-09), and assigned an investigator, Dennis Maxson.  Christine Harris called the OCC at 2:05 PM on October 1, 2009, at 415-241-7711, and spoke to Officer Tores.  Christine Harris emailed the Office of Citizens Complaint and requested to have mediation with Sergeant Raymond Beazley, but she has yet to get a response from the Office of Citizens Complaint.
On October 6, 2009 around 2:00 PM Christine Harris checked her voice mail on her cell phone.  Officer Barcina (415-553-1141) left two messages on October 5, 2009, regarding complaints to the OCC.  Christine Harris returns the call and left a voice mail message.  She called a second time and the woman who answered the phone passed her along to the Psychology Unit within SFPD.  Christine Harris hung up and a few minutes later called again.  She was passed along to the Psychology Unit again.  Christine Harris told this person, politely, this is not what is needed from SFPD.
On October 13, 2009, Christine Harris receives a letter from the FBI, Washington, DC, saying she cannot get a Freedom of Information Act to see if the Davids’ or Beazley’s put her on the Main Core List as a “ghost detainee or under house arrest”.  The MKULTRA victims are supposedly on this list.
Christine Harris has read in several articles (she did not save or know the exact statement), that, during the Bush Sr. administration, the mind control victims, MKULTRA, were put on the Main Core List, as a  "ghost detainee" as under house arrest.  She has heard that these victims (like herself) of these crimes, may be on this "list" as well.  Some victims may believe that they have been put on a "list", un-consented, covert "experiment". (   (EXHIBIT 21)
On October 14, 2009, Christine Harris takes part in organizing a Global Protest, in San Francisco, CA for victims of electromagnetic weapons, organized stalking, and un-consented human experiments. ( (
On or about October 15, 2009, Christine Harris receives a letter from the Office of Citizen Complaint, (SFPD, Case No. 0780-09) stating this is "out of OCC jurisdiction", and that her "complaint is of "Informational Only".  This letter is signed by Joyce M. Hicks, Executive Director. 
In the month of November, 2009 at 5:30 PM, Christine Harris attended a San Francisco Police Commissioners meeting with retired FBI Agent, Ted Gunderson, and Doug Millar.  Christine Harris did not have a prepared speech, but spoke during public comment about the crimes against her.
In the month of November, 2009 at 5:30 PM, Christine Harris gave a prepared speech at the San Francisco Police Commissioners meeting about the crimes against her, and information and resources about the crimes.  (EXHIBIT 22)
On December 2, 2009 at 5:30 PM, Christine Harris gave a prepared speech at the San Francisco Police Department Commissioners meeting of the crimes against her.  (EXHIBIT 23)
On January 1, 2010 around 1:00 PM, Christine Harris and Richard Centeno, another victim of these crimes, walked on Polk Street, San Francisco, CA, to have coffee at Peet’s. Christine Harris video taped a man, who they believe was stalking them based on his odd behavior.  (  (EXHIBIT 24)
On March 4, 2010, Christine Harris receives a call from a man at 415-434-0193 and said he was with the Navy.  She received another harassing call on March 8, 2010 from phone number 650-603-9658.  Neither of their names can be understood in their messages.
On March 9, 2010 at 1:20 PM, a man knocked at the door of Christine Harris’ apartment within a private, surveillance building.  He was African American, about 6'-1", stating he was from the Navy, with Navy brochures in his hand.  Christine Harris asked him to leave the building repeatedly, and finally had to escort him down three flights of stairs out the lobby door.  He drove away in an American made dark blue car.  She has a video of this man entering into the building. This is covert stalking, covert war, and harassment.  She was on the phone with a friend, Shinobi, so she has a witness to the conversation when she opened her front door (  (EXHIBIT 25)
On March 22, 2010, Christine Harris filed a police report (#100269126) of the stalker who may have impersonated a U.S Naval officer.
In the month of March, 2010, Christine Harris receives a call from a woman at 415-760-9187, claiming to be from the National Guard.  She left a voice mail on Christine Harris’ cell phone.
On March 24, 2010, Christine Harris filed a police report on line (#106038440), for three harassment calls she received from a private number.  (EXHIBIT 26)
On March 24, 2010, at 5:30 PM, Christine Harris gave an extensive packet of information to Lt. Reilly at the San Francisco Police Commissioner meeting.  She did not speak during public comment. 
On Monday, March 29, 2010 at 7:12:52 PM, Christine Harris received a text message on her cell phone, from phone number 510-409-9908: "Yeah, everyone, keep yourself clean.  Nothing they can use against you.  Their MO is to arrest some dumb group of people and then go after the real target who is usually someone who has a following, gets attention and is usually outspoken.  Since they monitor everything, they just keep u on the list."   Christine Harris received this text message after speaking on Dr. John Hall's show, “The Control Factor”.  This phone number supposedly belongs to Sean Ackley (  Sean Ackley claims to be an activist with “We Are Change”.   Christine Harris filed a police report #100307544 of the disturbing text message.  Christine Harris had to email, fax, and call SFPD, and attend a San Francisco Police Commissioner meeting, to retrieve a copy of this police report.  (EXHIBIT 27)
On April 3, 2010 at 12:53 PM, Christine Harris was driving in San Francisco, at Clay and Mason, when she was stalked again.   She believes it was Sergeant Raymond Beazley, and the same SFPD Sergeant (bald man), who was at her home on November 4, 2008.   Both men were riding on SFPD motorcycles.  The man who she believes is Sergeant Raymond Beazley was wearing a yellow rain coat.  This stalking occurred right after she filed a police report on April 2, 2010, for the harassing, threatening text message she received.
On April 7, 2010 at 5:30 PM, Christine Harris gave a prepared speech at the San Francisco Police Commissioner meeting during public comment.  (EXHIBIT 28)
On April 8, 2010 Nathan Ny, a Staff Sergeant Recruiter for the U.S. Marines, (, cell 408-422-0637), stopped by Christine Harris’ home to "recruit" her, leaving his business card for her to reach him.  She emailed him once to let him know he is not welcomed, nor have any reason, to contact Christine Harris in anyway.  He emailed Christine Harris back saying it was his job.  Christine Lynn Harris is 46 years of age.  Her return message to him  (copying public officials) noted to never contact her and that any form of him or the military doing so will be viewed as harassment, and stalking.  Nathan Ny’s business card reads: Marines, Lakeshore Plaza, Suite 333B, 1569 Sloat Blvd. San Francisco, CA 94123, Office 415-242-2113, Fax 415-242-2116.  Christine Harris has never been, and would never be, interested in joining the military.
On April 21, 2010, Christine Harris received a letter from F. Luo, SFPD, stating that police report #100307544 was not on file and therefore they would not be able to give her a copy for her records.  However, they were able to send Christine Harris the police report request form that she filled out, and send it back to her with her original envelope, but somehow “lost” the rest of the important information and documents. 
On April 27, 2010, Christine Harris request from Mesha Monge-Irizzary to write a letter of support showing that Mesha Monge-Irizzary has assisted her during the time period of the crimes against Christine Harris.  (EXHIBIT 29)
On April 29, 2010 at 9:50 AM and at 10:53 AM, Christine Harris received two phone calls from SFPD Officer Navaro regarding her many requests for a copy of her police report #100307544.  On the first call, Officer Navaro request she give a statement over the phone. Christine Harris refuses and reminds him that she provided a statement via fax, email, and mailed to every department at the San Francisco Police Department.  Christine Harris states in an email “I find all of this one big circus act since an officer, Sergeant Raymond Beazley, his wife Michelle Beazley, Peter Davids, a lawyer with Jones Day Law Firm, his wife Deborah Davids, President of my old HOA for 720 York Street, are all involved in conspiring to harm me, and murder me.  Police officers are supposed to protect and serve, not stalk, microwave, and terrorize people who their wives disagree with”.
It appears that these organized crimes and stalkers use a technique called gaslighting.  (Defined by Wikipedia: Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse in which false information is presented to the victim with the intent of making them doubt their own memory or perception).
On May 1, 2010 at 3:12 PM, SFPD calls Christine Harris’ home phone (415-861-1041) and does not leave a message.
On May 5, 2010 at 5:30 PM, Christine Harris gave a live, recorded statement on public TV about the harassing/threatening text message she received, to the Chief of Police George Gascon, and the San Francisco Police.  She also commented on the fact that has not been able to receive a copy of her police report (#100307544) she filed on April 2, 2010.  (EXHIBIT 30)
On May 11, 2010 from 2:15 PM to 4:00 PM, Christine Harris spoke with Officer James Ramsey from San Francisco Police Department Special Investigations, regarding the dated incidents, and crimes against her.  He said that SFPD was recording their conversation.  He kept suggesting Christine Harris speak with Officer Dunn, from the Psychology Unit, but she said “this is not going to help me”.  Trust is not something she has for SFPD, as they are not on her side nor are they her advocate.  Officer Ramsey said that Sergeant Raymond Beazley is very upset.  Marlon Crump, reporter for Poor Magazine, was with Christine Harris as a witness to the conversation.
On May 21, 2010, Christine Harris states in an email “Today I was driving on Harrison Street about 12:10 PM, a police man, white with gray mustache fat was on a police motorcycle driving next to me at Harrison and Division.  His plate number was 294.  Please, this same person who I have strong reason to believe is Sergeant Raymond Beazley, he needs to stay far away from me.  He needs to stop stalking me.  He stalks me each time I get a police report on all the perpetrators, including himself.”  It is against California state law to stalk.  This same man has consistently stalked her for nearly two and a half years. 
On May 27, 2010, the Executive Director of Office of Citizens Complaint, Joyce M. Hicks, writes Christine Harris a letter, OCC Case No. 0288-10, stating “The allegation of Conduct Reflecting Discredit on the Department against a police officer for inappropriate behavior is of  “No Finding”. 
On July 14, 2010 at 5:30 PM, Christine Harris attended the San Francisco Police Commissioner meeting and gave a prepared speech during public comment about the crimes against her.  (EXHIBIT 31)
On August 18, 2010 at 5:30 PM, Christine Harris attended the San Francisco Police Commissioner meeting and gave a prepared speech during public comment about the crimes against her.  (EXHIBIT 32)
On September 29, 2010 at 5:30 PM, Christine Harris attended the San Francisco Police Commissioner meeting and gave a prepared speech during public comment about the crimes against her.  (EXHIBIT 33)
On September 10, 2010, Christine Harris’ husband, James Jacobs, took their car to have it detailed at California Detailing, 340 Fell Street, San Francisco, CA, a place that her husband has used for more than a decade.  Christine Harris drove the car the next day and noticed two interior parts broken around the coin holder in the center counsel.  Neither of these parts were broken when delivered to the detailer.  She noticed that the parts were both aggressively broken.  Christine Harris has reason to believe this is where someone came into the shop and bribed Carlos, the shop manager, to take out the GPS system and listening device that she believes were installed when the car was illegally towed on March 13, 2009.  She is not making accusations, as this is from observation, gut instinct, and common sense.  When Christine Harris talked with Jim, the owner, about the broken parts, he was defensive but ultimately replaced the parts in kind.  Jim, the shop owner, told Christine Harris it was very strange that his team, and Carlos, had not reported the damage to the car to him, as they would normally do.
On October 1, 2010, Christine Harris received an unsolicited letter from Claude Wang, Manager, at the US Postal Service, 1300 Evan Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124, requesting she use proper addresses when mailing.  Christine Harris includes printed computer labels when sending mail to anyone.   She suspects Claude Wang is part of these organized stalking crimes.  Christine Harris sent him a return letter, copied to many public figures by mail, fax, and email, asking for his cooperation in providing us the hate revenge “list”.
On October 2, 2010, Dr. John Hall, Dr. Terry Robertson, both active members for Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance, and Dr. Peter Philips from Sonoma State University (, who has written an extensively on this topic held a Multidisciplinary Symposium On Non-Consensual Experimentation And Electronic Harassment.  Christine Harris attended this symposium along with other select victims.  (EXHIBIT 34)
On October 12, 2010, Christine Harris received a letter from the Bryant Square Lofts attorney, Ann Rankin, threatening her with a lawsuit if she exposes Sergeant Raymond Beazley, and Michelle Beazley, “and others”.  Christine Harris believes this letter was actually not written by Ann Rankin, but was drafted by a “ghost writer”, possibly Deborah Davids.  The envelope is the same color as Ann Rankin’s stationary, however, the letter is printed on white paper, not the typical colored stationary by Ms. Rankin’s office.  This may be fraud, forgery, identity theft, and an illegal act impersonating a lawyer.
On October 12, 2010, Christine Harris received a letter from Speaker of The House, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, stating Christine Harris should contact Kamala. D. Harris for her concerns.  Christine Harris contacted Kamala D. Harris in the very beginning of the crimes against her, but she never had a response from the District Attorney, thus the reason for contacting Speaker of The House, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.
On October 27, 2010, Christine Harris met friends Doug Millar, Peter Tscherneff, and Michelle Schauer, in the basement floor of San Francisco City Hall.  Before going to a San Francisco Police Commissioner meeting, a man who goes by Raj Naicker was there stalking Christine Harris again. Doug and Peter asked Raj Naicker for his identification, but he said he did not have any.  They filed reports, and have requested them, but to no avail. Sheriff’s Deputy Cabrera spoke with Christine Harris and wrote down information about being stalked by Raj Naicker.  Eight months prior, when Christine Harris first met and was stalked by Raj Naicker, he made a comment to her “that she was on a list to be raped”.  She has notified SFPD at Police Commissioner meetings of this disgraceful statement.   SFPD has done nothing to protect Christine Harris.
On October 29, 2010 at 9:30 AM, Christine Harris calls the San Francisco Sheriff's Department (415-554-725) regarding Raj Naicker stalking her and saying she was on this list to be raped.  Raj Naicker always shows up at the San Francisco Police Commissioner meetings when Christine Harris arrives.  Christine Harris spoke to Katie at the Sheriff’s Department and said that her supervisor would contact her.  No one from the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department has contacted her thus far.  All of Christine Harris’ constitutional, civil, and human rights have been violated.
On November 17, 2010, Christine Harris sent a fax to Sheriff Michael Hennessey requesting copies of the reports that she had filed on October 27, 2010 regarding Raj Naicker, stalking and harassing Christine Harris.  After getting no response, Christine Harris sent an email to many public officials, including San Francisco Chief of Police George Gascon, and San Francisco Special Investigations Officer James Ramsey.  Christine Harris has yet to get a response from the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department.
On Friday afternoon of November 19, 2010, Doug Millar and Christine Harris went to the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department in person to request copies of the reports they had filed on Raj Naicker on October 27, 2010.   They spoke to Frederick Alonzo, Deputy Sheriff, Star #1357.   No reports have ever been given to Mrs. Harris to date on this incident.
On December 8, 2010, at 1:00 PM, Doug Millar (who made the appointment), Michele Schrauer, Marlon Crump, and Ilberto Sophia, all of which are victims of these crimes, met with two officers, inspectors of Internal Affairs, and Special Investigations Inspector Darcy Keller, Star #2178.  Christine Harris gave them a copy of her affidavit stating the crimes against her.  The conversation was held at 850 Bryant Street, room # 558, San Francisco, CA 94103, and recorded on tape.  Christine Harris has had no response from Inspector Darcy Keller.
On Saturday, January 8, 2011, Christine Harris called in a take out order (using her cell phone, which is wire tapped), to Manora's Thai restaurant, 1600 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA, 94103.  The following day both her husband and her became very ill, vomiting, severe stomach cramps, and what they believe was attributed to food poisoning.  Christine Harris and James Jacobs have eaten at Manora’s countless times with never any problems.  After emailing Manora’s about the incident, they volunteer to reimburse Christine Harris.  Christine Harris thinks this may be related to the crimes against her.  This could be a coincidence, however, most victims of these crimes claim this is a common experience.
On January 12, 2011 at 5:30 PM, Christine Harris and Mesha Monge-Irizzary attended a San Francisco Police Commissioner’s meeting in support for a wheelchair victim being shot by police officers.  Christine Harris gave a speech in person.  Once again, Raj Naicker was present and proceeds to say disturbing things to Christine Harris, threatens her and her family, and was not willing to look Christine Harris eye to eye.  Christine Harris videotaped the harassment.  (  Raj Naicker threatens Christine Harris, and her family, several times by saying, “They can attack you and your family, you have to be careful”, “Christine, listen, they could really hurt you”, “You just have to be careful, they could really attack you Christine”.  Christine Harris does not know who “they” are that Raj Naicker is referring to (Christine Harris says to please forgive the "f" word in the video).  Christine Harris states “I am entirely disappointed that no one in our justice system is supporting me or stopping the criminals.”  Christine Harris has attended many Police Commissioner meetings for testimony, support, and for the crimes to stop, but the crimes have not ceased.  SFPD has done nothing for Christine Harris while trying to prevent her from speaking out against the defendants, by harassing her, and intimidating her.  SFPD has done everything to cover up for the crimes of the defendants.   (EXHIBIT 35)
On January 13, 2011 at 2:14 PM, Raj Naicker called Christine Harris, again, from phone number 415-597-7759, to harass and intimidate her after she spoke at the January 12, 2010 Police Commissioner’s meeting.  Christine Harris did not answer the call.  However, Raj Naicker leaves a disturbing message.  Christine Harris has repeatedly emailed Officer James Ramsey (the contact of Raj Naicker, as Officer James Ramsey told her during their two hour phone interview on May 11, 2010) requesting that Raj Naicker stop calling her, harassing, and stop stalking her at meetings.
On January 14, 2011 at 1:41 PM, Raj Naicker called Christine Harris again from phone number 415-597-7759, to harass and intimidate her.  Christine Harris does not answer the call.  Raj Naicker leaves another disturbing message.
On January 21, 2011 at 1:38 PM, Raj Naicker called Christine Harris, again, from phone number 415-597-7759.  This call comes after Christine Harris made a phone call to the courthouse requesting information on how to file for a lawsuit.  The harassment always seems to occur directly following any action Christine Harris takes to express the First Amendment Right of Freedom of Speech.  Christine Harris feels her phones are illegally wire tapped by the defendants.  Christine Harris has been constantly stalked by various police vehicles, and other types of vehicles, since August 2008, until her car went into the detail shop on September 10, 2010.   “I have never seen more police officers around me in my entire life”, says Christine Harris.
On January 22, 2011, Christine Harris received a letter from the Office Of The Inspector General, United States Postal Service, dated January 18, 2011, responding to Christine Harris inquiry and request for a hate revenge list from Mr. Claude Wang, Manager of US Postal Service, San Francisco, CA.  Mr. Claude sent Christine Harris a covert harassment letter previously, so Christine Harris thought he may have access to this “list”.  P.E. Poulsen, Freedom Of Information Act Analyst, 1735 N. Lynn Street, Arlington, VA 22209-2020, 703-248-2100 p, 703-248-4626, denies any such list exist.
On February 17, 2011, around 4:00 PM, Officer Kelly Dunn and Officer Choy, both female, showed up unannounced at Christine Harris’ husband office in downtown San Francisco, CA.  Officer Dunn told James Jacobs that she has been trying to reach his wife in person to inform her that her case is closed.  She also encouraged James Jacobs to have Christine Harris come down to SFPD and talk to Officer Dunn (,  Christine Harris, and James Jacobs consider this to be another attempt to harass and intimidate, and both are illegal.   The San Francisco Police Department, and the perpetrators have violated all United States Constitutional Laws, Civil Rights, and Human Rights.  Christine Harris has the right to speak out about the heinous organized crimes against her, and she will continue to do so.   The San Francisco Police Departments continual harassment, intimidation tactics, and gaslighting, needs to cease and desist immediately.
Christine Harris, and other victims, noticed postings around San Francisco about this organization stating that they may be connected to these organized crimes.  ( (, ( (EXHIBIT 36)  
Christine Harris receives messages in her account about police training and police schools, and the FBI.  Christine Harris never received these kinds of harassing emails until the retaliation started with Sergeant Raymond Beazley.  Christine Harris feels that many of the harassment tactics of Sergeant Raymond Beazley, the defendants, and other involved parties’ acts and behaviors are criminal.  (EXHIBIT 37)
Jim Guest, State Representative from Jefferson City, Missouri, has written two letters stating his support to the victims of electromagnetic radiation weapons torture, and covert harassment groups, (other wise known as COINTELPRO, organized stalking).  Document one dated October 10, 2007 and document two dated May 21, 2009.  (EXHIBIT 38)
Christine Harris’ affidavit is included in this complaint.  Christine Harris has given this document to the Mayor of San Francisco (hand delivered), the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco (hand delivered), the Sheriff of San Francisco (hand delivered), Senator Dianne Feinstein (mailed), Senator Nancy Pelosi (mailed), U.S. Attorney General Melinda Haag (hand delivered), and other public officials in the United States.  Christine Harris has emailed the crimes against her to the European Court for War Crimes, The World Court, and the International Prosecutor.  (EXHIBIT 39)
Christine Harris used to enjoy her very private life.  Now she has become a person in the public eye, and has written documents, letters, and emails to authorities all over the world.  Christine Harris is very concerned about the loss and invasion of her privacy.   She is now a victim of a complex organized crime scandal that no one wants to admit, claim, or do anything to stop, investigate, or prosecute the defendants, and other perpetrators involved in these heinous organized crimes.  Since spring of 2008 until present, Christine Harris has been intentionally harassed and has been put through things most humans would find disgraceful.  Christine Harris has done everything in her power to get help and support.  No one is helping her.   Christine Harris is filing this lawsuit because she cannot find a lawyer to defend her, nor any public officials.   She has been suffering.  Christine Harris did not know she could file a lawsuit in Pro Se until recently.  She feels that filing a federal lawsuit is the only means to stopping these crimes and the defendants, and seeking retribution.

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6.         Legal Issues
a. Whether Defendants Deborah Davids, Peter Davids, of San Francisco County, Sergeant Raymond Beazley, and Michelle Beazley, of Contra Costa County, retaliated against Plaintiffs for exercising their right to complain to government officials, which is protected by the guarantee of freedom of speech in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, in violation of 42 U.S.C § 1983.
b. Whether Defendants Deborah Davids, and Peter Davids, of San Francisco County, and Sergeant Raymond Beazley, and Michelle Beazley of Contra Costa County conspired to retaliate against Plaintiffs for exercising their right to complain to government officials, which is protected by the guarantee of freedom of speech in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, in violation of 42 U.S.C § 1983.
c. Whether Defendants Deborah Davids, and Peter Davids, of San Francisco County and Sergeant Raymond Beazley, and Michelle Beazley, deprived Plaintiffs of their right to be protected from having one's freedom of movement restrained, which is protected by the guarantee of freedom from unreasonable seizures in the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, in violation of 42 U.S.C § 1983.
d. Whether Defendants County of San Francisco, Deborah Davids, and Peter Davids, and Sergeant Raymond Beazley, and Michelle Beazley, conspired to deprive Plaintiffs of their right to be protected from having one's freedom of movement restrained, which is protected by the guarantee of freedom from unreasonable seizures in the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, in violation of 42 U.S.C § 1983.
e. Whether Defendant Deborah Davids, Peter Davids, Sergeant   Raymond Beazley, and Michelle Beazley, interfered with Plaintiff Christine Harris’s Fourth Amendment right under the United States Constitution to be free from unreasonable seizures by threatening or committing violent act in violation of California Civil Code Section 52.1.
f. Whether Defendant of County of Contra Costa, Sergeant Raymond Beazley trespassed upon Plaintiffs' real property when stalking her on the property, and, if Michelle Beazley gave out the code and key to the building.
g. Whether Defendant County of San Francisco, Deborah Davids, Peter Davids, Sergeant Raymond Beazley of Contra Costa County, are liable for creating and maintaining upon the County's Properties a condition that is harmful to health and/or was an obstruction to the free use of property, so as to interfere with Plaintiffs' comfortable enjoyment of life and/or property.
h. Whether Defendants Deborah Davids, Peter Davids, Sergeant Raymond Beazley, and Michelle Beazley are liable to Plaintiff for negligent infliction of emotional distress, and physical bodily injury, and all damages. Incurred regarding this complaint.
i. Whether Defendants Deborah Davids, Peter Davids, Sergeant Raymond Beazley, and Michelle Beazley, violated Plantiffs’ equal protection rights under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution to be free from "irrational and wholly arbitrary" actions.

Whether or not defendants violated the following laws:
j. 10 USC 921 Article 121 Larceny and wrongful appropriation
k. 10 USC 920A Article 120A Stalking
l. 18 2340 USC Torture
m. 18 USC 241 Conspiracy against rights of sovereign free God created spirit and soul beings
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r. 31 USC 5328 Whistleblower protections
s. 18 USC 1512 Engaging in misleading conduct
t. 18 USC 1503 Intimidating a witness or victim 
u. 18 USC Tampering with a witness or victim
v. 18 USC 1513 Retaliation against a witness or victim
x. 18 USC 1510 Obstructing a criminal investigation conflict of interest roles in government
y. 18 USC 1509 Impeding due exercise of rights by attempting to prevent obstruct impede and interfere with same
z. 18 USC 1622 Subordination of perjury by procuring another to commit perjury
aa. Constitutional Rights under the 14th Amendment, which is right to Equal Protection from Harm, Civil Rights, Human Rights, and Civil Liberties, to be free from irrational and wholly arbitrary actions.
bb. Denial of victims of equal protection under the laws and the right of due process under Section1 of the Fourteenth Amendment, also known as the Incorporation Doctrine.  The Supreme Court has found that each of these incorporated rights is “deeply rooted in the nation’s history” and fundamental” to the concept of “ordered liberty” represented by the due process clause [Palko v. Connecticut, 302 U.S. 319, 58 S. Ct. 149, 82 L. Ed. 288 [1937].
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dd. Deprivation of victim’s right to privacy, as well as the privacy of thought, as interpreted by the U. S. Supreme Court Through our Bill of Rights, the 1st Amendment, (Privacy of Beliefs), 3rd Amendment (Right Against Search and Seizure).
ee. The courts recognize that the stealth technologies exist and are in the hands of law enforcement.  In Kyllo v. United States [(99-8508) 533 U. S. 27 (2001) 190 F. 3d 1041], the Supreme Court found that the use of an Agema Thermovision 210 thermal scan Kyllo’s home was a violation of the 4th Amendment and his privacy rights. The Court also noted that: “The ability to see through walls and other opaque barriers is a clear, and scientifically feasible, goal of law enforcement research and development.” The National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center, a program within the United States Department of Justice, features on its Internet Website projects that include a “Radar-Based Through-the-Wall Surveillance System, Handheld Ultrasound Through the Wall Surveillance”, and a Radar Flashlight that “will enable law officers to detect individuals through interior building walls” ( visited May 3, 2011).   Some devices may emit low levels of radiation that travel “through-the-wall,” but others, such as more sophisticated thermal imaging devices, are entirely passive, or “off-the- wall” as the diseent puts it [FN3].
ff. Conspiracy to cover up crimes.
gg. Deprived of rights, and rights to be protected under USC Section 1, Amendment XIV.
hh. San Francisco failed to act in anyway to protect plaintiff or stop the defendants from their crimes against plaintiff.
ii. San Francisco Police Department violated the statutory and constitutional rights of citizens, with no discipline or firing of Sergeant Raymond Beazley.
jj. USC 18 RICO ACT Section 1961.
kk. USC Section 1341 Mail Fraud.
ll. USC Section 1510 Relating to obstruction of criminal investigation.
mm. USC Section 1513 Relating to retaliation against a witness, victim, or informant.
nn. Whether or not Defendants forged a legal document claiming to be Attorney Ann Rankin, the lawyer for Bryant Square Lofts.
oo. Whether or not, Defendants have broken every law to keep this out of jury hands and to deny victims their constitutional rights and due process.
pp. Whether or not, Defendants has used power to corrupt the department of justice and render them useless for victims which is why victims had to file complaint under the color of law as a citizen arrest complaint which gives this court the grounds to accept this complaint and to file arrest warrant and summons a grand jury to hear this matter, see Senator Patrick Leahy 1-132009 ie Report on corruption by the doj/fbi for evidence, in violation of Title 18, United States Code,  Section 241,et ;al v. Complaint against the United States Government and it’s representatives, for   violations  of 18 U.S.C. §2332a(a)(1)&(3) (Conspiracy to Use a Weapon of Mass Destruction), 18 U.S.C. §924(c) and (Possession of a Destructive Device During a Crime of Violence and Aiding and Abetting an Act to be Done) and 18 U.S.C. § 924(o) Conspiracy to Possess a Destructive Device During a Crime of Violence). (Also refer to: USC 18 § 241).
qq. Violation of Rights, Negligence, Breach of Contract, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Extreme and Outrageous Conduct, Negligence of Duty.
rr. Whether or not defendants violated electronic harassment law, Michigan Public Law 256 2003 and 257 2003, Michigan Penal Code (EXCERPT) Act 328 of 1931 750.200h, “Recognition that electronic and electromagnetic radiation device can be used as destructive weapons”. Law includes life in prison. (
ss. Whether or not defendants violated U.S. Code Title 10, Section 333, Interference With State and Federal Laws.

Discovery: Plaintiff proposed that the party be permitted to conduct discovery, pursuant to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

7.         Demand for Relief
Plaintiff seeks the following relief and $500,000,000.00, Five Hundred Million Dollars for all damages. For monetary damages against Defendants, and each of them, in an amount sufficient to compensate Plaintiff for her injuries, the emotional distress put upon her husband James Jacobs, and emotional distress put upon their marriage, assault and battery, all expenses incurred for healing Christine Harris’ very damaged body, expenses for alternative and natural healing remedies, expenses incurred for contacting public officials, and authorities, and any and all expenses for exposing the Defendants, for Christine Harris’ time and energy she used to expose the Defendants crimes against her, and expenses for Christine Harris to purchase new pants and shorts due to not being able to exercise.
For punitive damages against Defendants the City and County of San Francisco, Sergeant Raymond Beazley, any and all co-conspirators, and John Does whose True Identity is Unknown, Michelle Beazley, Deborah Davids, and Peter Davids, for cost of suit incurred herein including Plaintiff’s reasonable legal fees, expert witnesses, expenses and fees, and other cost and expenses that Plaintiff has been forced to incur to prosecute this action under all applicable statutory bases, including medical care incurred, expenses for copies, stamps, and any and all additional items incurred in exposing these crimes against the plaintiff.
Payment for moving expenses incurred, including but not limited to Delancy Street Movers, and any additional expenses due to moving and selling our condominium at 720 York Street, #111, San Francisco, CA 94110.
Plaintiff seeks damages for any and all damages of emotional and physical distress to the Plaintiff and her husband.  Plaintiff seeks damages for a judicial declaration to the rights and duties of the parties with respect to civil and human rights.
For all criminal activities to cease, all organized gang stalking and any and all stalking to cease immediately.
Cease all tampering with electronic devices, including by not limited to cell phones, home phones, computers, emails, and mail.  All forms of espionage to cease immediately.  All forms of cyber stalking, cyber terrorism to cease, all electronic harassment to cease, all electromagnetic weapons to cease, any and all forms of harassment to cease, cease any and all communication with Plaintiff.
For all harassment, and stalking to cease from all members of the San Francisco Police Department, and any other entities or persons involved.
For Sergeant Raymond Beazley to surrender all fire arms and weapons immediately.
Plaintiff demands to be taken off of this “list” that she is on. If Plaintiffs’ car still has the GPS tracking device and bug listening device, these devices need to be removed immediately.
To prosecute the defendants to the full extent of the law for crimes against the Plaintiff (There may be other victims due to these perpetrators).
All additional relief to which the Plaintiff is entitled.

8.         Statute of Limitations
Crimes Against Humanity, as defined by the Rome Statue of the International Criminal Court Explanatory Memorandum, “are particularly odious offences in that they constitute, a attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of some or more human beings. They are not isolated or sporadic events, but are part either of government policy (although the perpetrators need not identify themselves with this policy) or of a wide practice of atrocities tolerated or condoned by a government or a de facto authority.  Murder; extermination; torture; rape; political; racial; or religious persecution and other inhumane acts reach the threshold of crimes against humanity only if they are part of a widespread or systematic practice. Isolated inhumane acts of this nature may constitute grave infringement of human rights, or depending on the circumstances, war crimes, but fall short of falling into the category of crimes under discussion.” (source:
Heinous crimes in the U.S., Crimes that are considered exceptionally heinous crimes by society have no statute of limitations.
War crimes are serious violations of the laws applicable in armed conflict (Also known as International Humanitarian Law) giving rise to individual criminal responsibility. Examples of such conduct includes “murder, the ill-treatment or deportation of civilian residents of an occupied territory to slave labors camps”, “the murder or ill-treatment of prisoners of war”, the killing of hostages, “the wanton destruction of cities, towns or villages, and any devastation not justified by military or civilian necessity.” (source:

Christine Harris will take a polygraph test (lie detector) of any kind at any time.  Plaintiff demands for discovery on all issues.

9.         Demand for Jury Trial
Check this box if you want your case to be decided by a jury, instead of a judge.
X    Plaintiff demands a jury trial on all issues.

All plaintiffs must sign, date, and print their names at the end of the Complaint.  Attach another page if you need to.

                                                Respectfully submitted,

Date:                                                    Signature:                                                                               
                                                Printed name:                                                                         
                                                                                    Plaintiff Pro Se

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